Friday, 20 December 2013

Nell's first blog :)

Hi dudes and dudettes.

I study Film and TV Production at Greenwich and I can tell you this right now; I am a living encyclopaedia when it comes to media. You know how you’re watching a film or a show and you think ‘Oh my god, who is that actor? I recognise his face! What’s he been in?’ I could tell you the last 5 films he’s in, who he’s married to, if he’s won an Oscar… even his height if needed. As sad as I am, I can spend hours on just scanning information on actors, directors and films.

I do like this course at uni. I’ve met many people, some annoying and some not, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed many elements, such as TV studio and cinematography. I’m in the process of filming my final third year project, which absorbs all of my energy to the point I’m too tired to play The Sims at night. Which is devastating.

I thought for my blog I could talk about my annoying cat as well, Aberforth. He’s black and white; just like the one my avatar is holding, however he kinda has a small Hitler moustache. I say kinda because it’s slightly off centre, if it was centre I could make a fortune as I could make him the new ‘grumpy cat’ but call him Kitler instead and he’d be all over the internet in gifs and the like. But no such luck. Essentially this could become Nell & Aberforth’s blog.

He’s an idiot. He feel out the window and didn’t land on his feet. He pushed me down the stairs (he waited on the top step in the dark and as I walked over him he stood up and I fell down. He planned it.), he eats his own body weight in food a day and still complains for more… essentially this cat is the bane of my life, but I’m stuck with him as no one else wants him. Granted we do have good times, can’t think of any at the moment, be we do have them.