About Me

Hi. I’m Nell. Or Nellie. Or ‘The Nellster’. Or Neil. Or idiot. I have many nicknames because people are incapable these days of not using one, but I prefer being called just plain old Nell. Not the most interesting of names but hey, there’s a film with my name as the title with Liam Neeson in it, who is awesome, so that makes up for it.

So… my experience with the course. I’ll begin with how I decided to become a student at the University of Greenwich. I am obsessed with film; I am basically a living encyclopaedia when it comes to the subject. You know when you’re watching a film or television programme and you’re thinking ‘Oh who is that actor? I know his face, what has he been in?!’ I could tell you exactly what films he has been in, when they were released, what his next film is, who is he is married to, his height, his date of birth… my knowledge is almost scary  because it would literally be with any actor/actress/director from about the 1930’s to today. Because of this, people started suggesting to me, especially my mother, that maybe I should do a degree in film? Just maybe?

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