Friday, 17 January 2014

Lots of Uni work & future dreams as a Development Producer... :)

Hello peeps, numbero dos blog from yours truly. Starting university this week… only in on Tuesday. Whoo! Even though I’m in for one day doesn’t mean I’m not busy; tutor hated my first draft of my dissertation so I have to write it ALL again. I've had nightmares, I really have.

Problem is that my subject area is hard to analytically research. It’s about how directors and screenwriters adapt literary and video game characters into film. Without actually speaking to them, I’m finding it hard to actually find why and how they adapted them. I tried talking to Emma Thompson’s agent, for sense and sensibility, but she politely declined….so I still like her. Essentially I am spending this week searching the small dark corners of the internet for my impossible information.

Moving on from that depressing thought, I have paid TV work on Wednesday! I did work experience for BearKatt, who make documentaries, and they want me in again this week because I’m unbelievably fast and trying not to blow my own trumpet…well okay, yes I am, I’m good at being a runner. Generally I’d make the best personal assistant ever. However I don’t want to stay as one forever, my dream job is a development producer who think up new programmes for TV, I just have a long way to go before I get there :S

I’m going off to do an MA in Acting, probably at East London University, and I will do it part time so I can have a full time job to fund it. Although I am toying with the idea of moving to Wales, but that would be another huge step of moving, finding a job, meeting new people and it can be draining. I’ll see how I feel in a few months.

On a lighter note, well a more annoying note, my cat Aberforth got into my flatmate’s sock draw and ate his socks. And I mean ate. This is a cat that ate an entire bowl of mincemeat (cooked) then moved onto a LOAF OF BREAD before being stopped. And recently he was in a cattery and the owner, after every meal time, gave him the leftovers from the other cats and he ate it ALL. There were 35 cats. So having found him eating the socks, I then had to quickly replace them before being noticed. I hate this animal.

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