Monday, 31 March 2014

Cats and Decisions

I have decided that the area I currently live in, Bexleyheath, is the place I’d like to set up home. I’m a person not keen on change and now that I’ve lived here 2/3 years I’ve gotten used to it, so I feel that I should stay after I graduate. Where I can’t stay in is my current house as I currently live above Tescos and that particular neighbourhood is rather dire.

The problem is that I’ve got a lot of decisions to make. First of all, do I want to do a masters? If so, do I try and find one nearer Bexleyheath or find one in London and just bother to travel… Should I do full time? If so, how do I get money etc...Part time? That way I could work at the same time, but would it be physically possible? If I am finding a job, where the heck will I work… doing what? I’ve scoured the BBC and other production companies and it’s safe to say the South East/Kent area is not inundated with television jobs.

I’ve looked at houses and there are some nice rooms to let in the town so finding somewhere to live will not be too difficult, except for Aberforth, as I have to bring the moron with me. Not many accept pets, let alone a deranged, “would eat human flesh if he could” cat.

So, my mind is a whirl. I fail miserably at making decisions, I get others to make them for me, so I’m really struggling with what to do L

I had my first ever night shift at Samaritans on Saturday, which was very eventful! Due to confidentiality, and my memory, I can’t discuss in detail anything about the calls, but they were tough ones that night. It makes me feel worthwhile and the Samaritans is one of the reasons I want to stay in Bexleyheath (where it’s based). I’ve made quite a few friends there already.

Update on Aberforth: He is apparently allergic to something in branded cat food, thus he has to eat organic. I went to Pets at Home to buy him food and the total came to £22 for 1 month’s feed. That’s all I need to say on that subject. On a lighter note, he’s discovered a new position to sleep in which literally takes up the entire bed; I woke up at one point and noticed that I was half off the DOUBLE bed. As I care not for his comfort, I am forever shoving him to his blanket and stretching out myself, to later find him sprawled across my feet. ARGH.

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